Popularity Of Bachmann Model Trains

Many passionate collectors would argue that Bachmann trains are one of the most fascinating and diverse type of model trains to have been manufactured within the past 150 years. These trains are popular among the younger generation, the elderly, brand-new enthusiasts, and long-time collectors. So what makes the Bachmann brand so popular?

Bachmann trains are popular for having some of the highest quality trains at the most affordable prices on the markets today. In addition, the company has responded to most hobbyists’ and critics’ needs. For instance, critics have expressed concern about the quality of these trains due to the fact that they are now manufactured in China. However, the availability of this model in China offers Bachmann Industries with cheap labor and advanced innovative products. Despite the concerns raised by critics, Bachmann model trains are the largest seller of model trains in terms of volume which further attest to their popularity and worldwide demand.


In 1968, Bachmann entered the N scale model train market, building its own line of products and accessories. By 1970, the company expanded into the HO trains market. Since its initial entry into the model train market, Bachmann has invented a variety of trains and accessories. The company sells regular Bachmann trains, a mid-range product line called “Bachmann Plus”, and the high-end Spectrum line.

Bachmann introduced the Spectrum train products in 1988 so as to appeal to the broader market. Bachmann initially structured the Spectrum products under a separate company and brand as a way to distinguish between the regular Bachmann trains and the luxury Spectrum line. The Spectrum trains commanded a higher price because they featured better motors, high quality equipment, and realistic details. All of this appealed to serious hobbyists who were certainly willing to pay more for this level of quality and detail.

In 1998, Bachmann introduced an innovative and upgraded Spectrum HO scale 2-8-0 Consolidation line, which won the “Model of the Year” award from “Model Railroader” magazine. By 2001, the company again ventured into manufacturing On30 model trains that run on a HO truck.

Today, Bachmann continues to develop innovative products such as the support of digital command decoder (DCC) system throughout its product lines. Whichever group of Bachmann products one prefers to collect, there is certainly something for everyone at all age and experience level. It is no surprise that they are so popular. In fact, that Bachmann train you purchase today may become a valuable collectible in the future!

Gabriel O. Delaney is a model train enthusiast. For more information on Bachmann model trains, visit http://www.ultimatemodeltraintips.com.

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