PNR model railroad..?

Question by MuscleCarInTheLandOfHondas: PNR model railroad..?
Since there isn’t much anyone can do to preserve the state ofthe RR here, I ‘ll just build one in scale models… I have pictures, I have the skills to (scratch)build the loco’s and rolling stock, but hey, I dont have 24 hours a day to build everything,..after all, its a hobby..^^
Now since the store in shangrila (?) closed, I have resorted to converting children’s toy trains to resemble PNR types like the GE widebodies and pug-nosed 2500 types..
however there are particulars with this kind of conversion – you cant put DCC decoders and run it on 12mm metal tracks.. the toys have plastic wheels and axles (but decently detailed out of the box)
So here is what I ask, your help, dear reader… help with the whole B/O scale model problem…(sigh)
Philippine National Railways … well, track gauge here is a narrow 3 feet 6 inches, so according to one of my friends one should get a HO scale GE U10 and narrow down the gauge to 12 mm… a more realistic picture, so to say…

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Answer by mariner31
Oh my… first I have to decipher:

PNR = Panhandle Northern Railroad ? Philippines National Rairoad ? Pacific Northwestern Railroad ?

I’m also alittle lost with 12mm trackage… N-scale is 9mm. I’ve done a dozen DCC conversions in N-scale, and IF your trackage is standard, you SHOULD be able to buy after-market trucks and wheel-sets.

Please toss us alittle more information, so that we can help point you to some sources.


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