PLC Tutorial – FIFO Shift Registers Tutorial

This PLC shift registers tutorial by explains the common programmable logic control function called FIFO. This is just a small, low resolution sample from DVD 9 of the 10 DVD PLC Training Video Course Library. The actually DVDs have much better quality and details. (FIFO is First In, First Out control data.) Industries that might be interested in this video are … Manufacturing, Aerospace, Printing Industry, Food Industry, Textile, Corrugating, Plastics Industry, Foundries and similar industries using industrial controls. Examples of machines PLCs control are … Complete manufacturing system, manufacturing plant, extruder, silo, corrugators, converting machine, remote water pump stations, Offset press, CNC, lathe, Filling machine, industrial washing machine, textile shrinkage system, boiler, fabrication, refining, vision systems, motion control, assembly machine, stamping machine, packaging equipment, injection molding, robots, HVAC, temperature control, air compressors, strapper, stretch wrap machine and other warehouse equipment like conveyors, palletizers, sorters etc. Some widely used, but lesser known uses of the PLC are … Escalator, safety control, lifts, elevators in the travel industry and others. Use for Boilers and fan changeover systems in hospitals might be know, but they also control incinerators. They are also used in the film industry and agriculture, even in space stations. Also used in vacation spots for train control, roller coaster

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