Playing tug creates problems, where do people get this idea?

Question by UHave2BeKiddingMe: Playing tug creates problems, where do people get this idea?
Where in the world do people get this idea?

This morning we had some “gems” of responses from someone who wanted to try to get their dog to play tug.

One response
“It creates problems in dog’s training.”
“That’s not a very nice game it will change your dog’s behavior! He will always bite and stuff and destroy things!”

Every top performance trainer I know and work with uses tug to build drive.

My agility instructor was so excited upon meeting what was my new puppy to see how strong his tug was at just 16 weeks and encouraged me to work and develop it stronger.

I wish my other two dogs would tug, it would really make a difference in our agility training.

Nearly every drug/bomb/search dog is trained with a tug and that is their reward for getting the job done.

Is this just some fallacy the younger generation has been taught and instead of research they just repeat?

For those who have trained dogs to performance titles do you encourage your dogs toy/tug drive?

For those that say its bad to encourage with your dog, where in the world did you get that information?
CHIX- I someone who does BOTH, patrol dogs and detection dogs and the tug is the preferable reward of choice because it allows a dog to express drive in a way that is very satisfying.

So although I did not say ALL detection dogs were trained that way, I said nearly all, that is those that are trained by people who know what they are doing.

Best answer:

Answer by Cheesesticks
People get this idea from dingbat trainers at Petsmart! Anyone that knows anything about training a dog knows that prey drive is something you NEED to have in a dog in order to do more intense training. Dogs with a high prey drive excel at training and focus, and that’s why k-9 police dogs are often rewarded with a game of tug. The idea that tug will cause aggression in dogs comes from the all positive trainers. Many people associate prey drive in dogs as a bad thing or even aggression, because of this people assume you need to train it out of your dog.

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