Places to Buy Discount O Scale Model Trains?

Question by Matt: Places to Buy Discount O Scale Model Trains?
I have been thinking about getting into O scale model railroading for a while now. I am currently modeling in HO and N but just curious as to if there is any place to buy O scale items cheap, since everything seems extremely expensive.
I am not intending to move to a larger scale. I want to stay with my current scales, but considering O scale as well.

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Answer by Wdlane
I fully understand the attraction to the larger scales. If you check eBay there is usually someone selling Atlas O Scale if they are changing scales as well. I will admit it is very nice equipment. Of course you could also use eBay to sell your N and HO to fund your O Scale purchases.

However, instead of going to O Scale, perhaps you could consider S Scale. I am in S for 22 years now. I would not have it any other way. The most prominent producer of S Scale plastic rolling stock (S Helper Service) has the same manufacturer as Atlas O Scale.

Here are some websites you could look at:
and last but not least my own website showing a large quantity of what has been made in S Scale brass

Good luck in your decision to move to a larger scale. You by far will not regret it! I have not looked back once in 22 years after leaving HO.

Bill Lane

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