Pinched nerve? Very stiff? What’s wrong with him? Chiropractor? And…?

Question by Jessica: Pinched nerve? Very stiff? What’s wrong with him? Chiropractor? And…?
Holy cow.. I didn’t realize how long this was going to be. Please bear with me!

I guess I’ll give a little background on the situation. I clean stalls at a farm in exchange for pasture boarding for two horses. When I first came to the farm I brought one of my horses, and left the other at the old barn because he was currently in a lease (he is sold now). The new farm has an Arabian that they agreed to let me “have” in exchange for 100 hours of working/riding their horses that they don’t have time to. Basically, working of his price of $ 1000. As of right now I haven’t signed any sort of contract, or even started working off his price. It’s been about a week and a half. I do plan on having a contract stating the situation and some kind of log to keep track of the hours I’ve worked, and a final contract stating that they are releasing ownership of the horse to me.

Anyways, they are a training/boarding farm and they got this horse for free back in November. They have put him on the back burner and have only ridden him maybe 6-7 times before I got him. I rode him fairly “hard” (not really.. I guess hard compared to what he was/is used to) a couple of days in a row. The next day he was off.. not completely lame, but you could tell he was sore. We put a poultice on the leg that he was off on and turned him. I rode him two days later and he was fine. So, I just brushed it off as him being sore from being worked too “hard”.

That was like maybe 5 or so days ago. 2 days ago we went on a trail ride that we trotted a lot on and now he is acting very stiff and ouchy. He is walking like his stifle is bothering him, but I don’t know what is wrong. When I pick up his feet he acts differently on each one. His two fronts he will lift up high and hold them there. The back left, when I first picked it up, he stretched it outward. The back right he scrunched up to his belly. Also, when he was standing in the cross ties, he would lift his front legs up (one at a time, he wasn’t rearing) as if he was going to paw, but lifted them much higher and didn’t paw. One of the trainers said that he may have a pinched nerve and that he probably needs to see the chiropractor. She tried to “set” his back by pulling on his tail with all of her weight. He did seem to walk a little more normal than before.

Any thoughts on what’s wrong with him or what to do? Is the chiropractor a good idea?

Also.. this is the second time this horse has been lame in some way in a week and a half. I already got his feet trimmed, and am now looking at calling the chiropractor out. I don’t even have anything signed saying he is mine or anything.. should I tell them I want to back out of having him? I don’t want to.. I feel like that wouldn’t be the right thing to do, but I don’t know if I should be obligated to stick with it, with all of these problems.

Gah, I don’t know.. I want opinions!

Here is a picture of him lifting his leg up in the cross tie. I have a video, too but it’s too big to upload.

BTW, none of this is normal behavior for him

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Answer by ♥This is Midnight♥
He is so darn cute!!!!!!

I am an Equine Massage Therapist and I wold 1st have him massaged. It could b a pinches nerve or if he has a poorly fitting saddle, fell etc then he might have hurt his muscle. Though a Chiro might also be a good idea.

Massages are usually cheaper then a Chiro to. Also, studies have show the effects of the chiro last 10x longer if you get a massage 1st, because the muscles are looser for the chiro to get through.

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