Owosso – December 19 – 1225 Steam Engine Train – Westown Crossing

This video was taken at dusk on December 19, 2008, in the Westown area of Owosso, Michigan. You are looking southeast and downtown Owosso, Michigan, begins about a half mile farther east. As the railroad crossing signals turn on, the Steam Railroading Institute’s famous Pere Marquette 1225 steam engine locomotive is finishing a rather sharp turn to the northwest. The 1225 very slowly picks up speed as it crosses West Main Street in Owosso and enters what were freight yards of the New York Central Railroad. From there, the 1225 will continue on mostly straight track for a few miles until it turns to the northeast and Chesaning, Michigan. The 800000 pound (including tender) Pere Marquette 1225 is the largest operating steam engine locomotive in Michigan. Steven Spielberg’s production company filmed the sights and sounds of the 1225 for the computer rendering of the movie, “Polar Express,” and Lionel Model Trains has also recorded the sounds of the 1225 for its new electric toy model train, “The 1225” ― the namesake of Owosso’s 1225. One of Owosso, Michigan’s many great assets is the Steam Railroading Institute, which includes a museum and other facilities. The institute’s 3.5 acre grounds also hold a roundhouse, the 800000 pound Pere Marquette 1225 steam locomotive and tender, the 82000 pound Flagg Coal Company steam switch engine, the 136000 pound Mississippian steam locomotive (under restoration), plus many train cars and other rolling stock from railroads in the United

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