“O” SCALE TRAINS … (LIONEL & MTH) and the story behind it …

NEW! See more of my layout at: *youtube.com * * * COMMENT & RATE IF YOU WISH !!!* * * OK, I`m about to “break protocol” here, and blow the “complex science” of model railroading into the fun, simple, easy to understand way in which it really is! FIRST: I would like to say I recommend you NOT buy MTH Trains, their equipment is good, BUT their service is terrible! *More about this later … Lets look at what a little fish gravel and a pile of old curbside ceiling tile…( Which later would become scenery)… some plaster, coupled with a little imagination will do. …* Here’s a clip of Tom and Scott`s layout… These are “O” Scale trains, Anyway, it took 40+ years to amass all this “stuff”, for this 30 x 45` layout… Tom loves to lash up 4 or 5 engines and will pull trains way in excess of 100 scale cars long (that’s 17+ inches of coupler slack, and trains in excess of 170-200 feet long!) *Note he made the walls round (no corners) to conform to its outer 0192 degree radius. In this video, at the beginning, You`ll see Tom when he was just 6, getting his 1st Train set, Then later you`ll see how far he took it ( As it took 53 4×8 sheets of plywood to construct this layout!) … and the time to build ?: 8 months… (just him). *NOT years like most others say! You know…”ah God, ah god” in a “babbling rant”. *We built this so ANY Train can go up or down any level and run on another track, or ski`diddle into the yard,… again, from ANY track… there are 9 trains running at
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