NS SD45-2’s#1705 & 1702 in Notch 8 lead Mainline train in 2009!

I was out with my friend Eric (o00o00ozy), and we had to do a double take when we heard what was leading 65J. This was truly the only time this will probably happen on Norfolk Southern. Two of the six Ex-Erie Lackawanna SD45-2s that Norfolk Southern owns were leading unit trash train 65J, and for once were able to let their horses run in Notch 8. This power is usually down on Conrail shared assets locals in NJ, so this is extremely rare…let alone they led a mainline train. Despite the engines getting rebuilt and losing their original 20 cylinder ones, the 16-645 they had installed still kicks ass. 1705 still has a great sounding RS3L as well. The power was NS SD45-2#1705( Ex -Conrail#6666/nee EL#3681 ) NS SD45-2#1702(Ex- Conrail#6659/nee EL#3674)

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