NMBS/SNCB Class 13s

NMBS/SNCB Class 13s
electric trains
Image by bbusschots
I was in two minds as to whether or not to post this shot, but since I don’t have any better shots of the class 13, I decided to go ahead. The light was absolutely terrible for this shot, but since it was the only pair of Class 13s I’d seen all Holiday I fired off a few shots regardless. The shot look horrifically bad straight out of the camera, so I spent quite a bit of time massaging it in post. First I did my best with the RAW file in Aperture, then I exported to TIFF and ran the Topaz Adjust Photoshop plugin on it, before sending it back into Aperture and giving it some final touches with the Dodge & Burn plugin.

Anyhow, here we see two NMBS/SNCB Class 13 electric locomotives, lead by 1302, pulling a freight train through Duffel, Belgium, probably on their way to the harbour in Antwerp.

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