New Russian metro car in Sofia, Bulgaria (81-740/741)

The Sofia Metro uses two types of rolling stock, both produced in Russia. The older blue train sets are model 81-717/714 made by Metrovagonmash. The newer white train sets are model 81-740/741 “Skiff” again made by Metrovagonmash. 81-740/741 (Rusich, Russian: Русич), is a type of rolling stock specially designed for running under the harsh winter climate of outdoor Moscow. Rusich also features a corridor connection, allowing passenger access between two contigiuous cars. They are currently assigned to the metro lines including Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line, Filyovskaya Line and Butovskaya Light Metro Line of Moscow Metro, and part of the Sofia Metro fleet in Bulgaria. Rusich will also be employed by the Sochi Light Metro due to its similarity with Butovskaya Line. Currently, there are four types of Rusich rolling stock: 81-740/741, 81-740.1/741.1, 81-740.4/741.4 which are used in Moscow Metro, and 81-740.2/741.2, 81-740.2B/741.2B which is technically adapted and designed for Sofia Metro. Automatic control system and universal control panel was designed by Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design (NIIP). The Sofia Metropolitan (Bulgarian: Софийско метро, Sofiysko metro) is the underground urban railway network servicing the Bulgarian capital Sofia. It is the first and only network of this kind in Bulgaria. As of September 7, 2009 it has been extended to 14 stations and a total length of 18.0 km. * Obelya (Обеля) – operational since 20.04.2003 * Slivnitsa
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