Need some help with my model railroad here.?

Question by the_movies_mongul: Need some help with my model railroad here.?
I want to find a good, inexpensive, yet still reliable, model railroad design. I have 2 sheets of 4×8 plywood, I believe, I haven’t measured the other piece of plywood yet. I also have like, at least a hundred or more pieces of track to work with. It NEEDS to be DC. There’s also 2 pieces of foam I have. I want to use both sheets of plywood. I will take any design that’ll fit into a medium-sized room. I also have 6 engines, 15 or so freight cars, 5 passenger cars, and some assorted scenery along with buildings. Thanks to those who may be reading this, and possibly, answering because this is THE longest question I have asked.
Just measured the other sheet of plywood. it’s like, 10×14, I belive. I’m hoping to make a little yard for my layout, been experimenting with different combos, VERY hard to find the right one. Thanks for reading my queestion again.
Another thing, I’m modeling in HO scale.

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Answer by Bonnie B
This looks like it could help a little

Well this will give a little of starting information. Go to your local library I bet you will find lots of ideas there.

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