Need info on converting “O” Gauge model R.R. rolling stock to HOn3 Scale?

Question by DAVID C: Need info on converting “O” Gauge model R.R. rolling stock to HOn3 Scale?
What is required to convert from “O” scale to HOn3 scale for my model railroad rolling stock? I know the trucks will be required but are other items ; couplers, electric pick-ups for lighting, etc. also required? Please help as I am trying to convert my collection for a Christmas village display that is presently HO Gauge and prefer not to change trackage. Also need info on where to obtain these items.

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Answer by westpac67
To convert O scale to HOn30, as you mentioned you do need HO scale trucks. Unless there is a clearance problem above the track due to the shorter [height-wise] trucks, the couplers should be OK. As for the electrical pick-up, that depends a little bit on whether you are converting FROM 2-rail or 3-rail track. Either way, you need to get HO trucks with METAL wheels, preferably those designed for lighted HO cars like passenger cars or cabooses. Just wire them up per the instructions that should come with them.
I would recommend converting just two cars at first, and checking them on the track you will be using to make sure the cars will have clearance between them for the HO curves. At that point, you will know if you must modify/change the couplers or coupler mountings.
The best source for the parts [and additional tips/hints] would be a hobby shop that carries model railroad supplies AND parts. If you do not have one locally, then you might have to go to the Internet to find one.

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