N Scale Model Trains are Small but Big on Details

The first N scale model were introduce in 1962 by the Arnold company.  The N scale model trains are very small compared to most other scale trains. The scale is the second largest modeled train scale in the world. The N scale is almost half the size of the HO scale trains, having a track gauge of 9 mm. Therefore the N in N scale stands for Nine millimeters from rail to rail. This means that it is only .354 of an inch between the rails of the track, which is very small. The scale ranges from 1:148 to 1:160 with the track gauge always being 9mm. The 1:160 scales is the most used and considered the correct scale for modelers in the United States.

The N scale locomotives are small, but usually have very powerful motors. Some N scale locomotive can pull trains with up to a hundred cars. The manufacturers of N scale produce locomotives for almost any era or prototype you would like to model. You can find locomotive portraying real locomotive from the first train, through the steam era, and all the way to the modern diesel electric locomotives. You can also find N scale rolling stock to match whatever era you decided to model in. The locomotives and rolling stock can be found in almost any road name, or undercoated where you can put whatever name on them you would like.


Modeling scenery in N scale is very rewarding. You are able to model fairly large town on your layouts without taking up so much space. Another great thing about N scale is the being able to model mountain ranges, valleys, rivers, fields, farms, and many other things into a small layout without it looking so crowded. When looking for building and structures for your layout the possibilities are almost endless. You can find tall buildings to small farm houses, and small girder bridges to large tussle bridges. You can find people, animals, signs, light poles, telephone poles, and road and sidewalk kits for you N scale model train layouts.

When it comes to the track your trains run on you are able to model any track layout you can think of. You can find N scale track in sections of straight and preset curves in a variety of radiuses. You can also find long straight track that can be bent into any shape your layout needs. Furthermore; when it comes to track you can find almost any type of switch, (manually or electric) enabling you to switch your trains from one track to another. Also, you can find crossing track in many different angles. Another way type of track is scratch built, where you lay the ties one by one and then fasten the rail to these ties. This type of track requires a lot more time and patients to install, but makes a layout look more realistic than using sectional track. When building your layout never get discouraged or give up, always keep in mind that the reason you are modeling trains is that it is fun to do and gets your mind off depressing things. So start having lots of fun building you model layout. For more great information on N scale model trains visit,  http://www.trainmodelingbook.com/n-scale-model-trains/.

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Steve Barnett is a model train expert. For more great information on N scale model trains visit,  http://www.trainmodelingbook.com/n-scale-model-trains/.

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