My toddler seriously hates potty training?

Question by All you need is love: My toddler seriously hates potty training?
I have a kid who is almost 3 now and I really need to get him potty trained so I can get him into preschool in the fall.. The problem is he absolutely hates it.. He throws a fit if I try to get him to sit on his potty chair or the big chair.. As soon as I take his diaper off to try the “no pants training” he gets all stressed out and begs me to put his diaper back on.. Today he was playing outside with his toys without a diaper and he peed a little by his toys and he absolutely threw a fit, ran around the side of the house and was in a terrible mood.. Hes not having fun with the potty training idea at all.. How can I make him like it!?

I know that people say give him lots of awards for “going” in the toilet, but what am I supposed to do if I can’t get him to “go” there in the first place??

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Answer by Brittney
The best thing to do is take a few days that you have time like a weekend or whatever, and for example 2 days tell him he can be naked that day or if not he doesnt like it then fine just underwear or a diaper whatever, And make him drink his favorite drink ALL day long. Then you place 2 or 3 potties all over the house.
So he’ll have to go pee often and whenever he’s gonna pee make it fun, a story involved. Like make the potty a magic chair and if you give it your pee-pee he’ll give you a present. And don’t tell him what it is so he’ll wanna know.
Anyways It’s been affective many times with me and helping my friends too.
Good luck 🙂

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