my secret project

my secret project

Image by contemplative imaging
Only a few select folks on Flickr get to see this….must check it out in the Original Size.

No, this is not a drawing of a green letter "J" on a gray background, but it’s a 3D drawing of an HO scale model railraod I’m thinking of building.

If follows no particular prototype, but is kind of a generalized depiction of railroading in Illinois during the late 50’s and early 60’s.

Here’s some geek info:

The Dogbone Central
HO Scale model train layout
18′ x 9′

All track is Peco code 75 finescale, but will most likely end up being code 70 handlaid.

The control system will most likely be the "Easy DCC" system from CVP.

All the switches will be thrown manually….no electric motors…to keep costs and maintenance down to a minimum.

Drawing was done in 2D using the RRTrack software program, then rendered into 3D…which you see here.

Trains will be mostly HO scale Santa Fe first generation diesels, and some select early 2nd generation units as well. But there may be an occasional Milwaukee Road train or two, even the Hiawatha might show up. : )

And an occassional New York Central train might show up too, in tribute to the ATSF/NYC run-throughs that came out of Streator, Illinois.

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