My lionel train doesnt make noise? Its a Canadian Pacific. ?

Question by Jay B: My lionel train doesnt make noise? Its a Canadian Pacific. ?
My Lionel Canadian Pacific train doesnt make noise anymore. The “railsounds” such as the man talking, or the whistle or bell. I have both switches on at the bottom and the volume is at full. HELP ME! Please….

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Answer by Ben H
Do the sounds come on at higher track voltages? Normally, Railsounds won’t work until the track voltage gets above about 10 volts or so, unless a 9-volt battery is installed.

So, you might try installing a fresh 9-volt battery. Check your manual for the exact location of where to do so.

More than likely, if this doesn’t fix the problem, it will need to go back to the factory for service. Barring a loose wire somewhere(either supplying power to the board, or to the speaker), the board will probably need to be replaced. Of course, you could have a bad speaker also, but there again it’s hard to say.

Lionel service is really great to deal with, and has improved immensely since they hired a new service director a few months ago. The best thing you can do, aside from replacing the battery, is picking up the phone and giving them a call.

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