My HO Scale Video Layout Tour

In this video you will see a slide show of my HO Scale Train Layout. This layout was started by my grandpa when I was two years old. He built a double track 16ft by 6 foot layout with wooden roadbed and brass rail. The layout basicaly was unchanged when I brought my growing collection of trains over, I had built layouts in the past but nothing big like this. Since then when i was 13 the layout has grown and expanded to have a third track, many industries, connecting track and to include the original 6 track yard of my grandpa’s original layout which is now a 16ft by 4ft section. Also my collection has grown to over 30 Diesel’s and 4 Steam Locomotives, (all are Reading Railroad Motive Power) and over 500 cars( freight and passenger). First we will see the main yard, which is 18 tracks wide. Then we will move north and see the nearly complete locomotive shops and the 3 Reading T1 4-8-4’s # 2102 in Reading Ramble Scheme (1962-1964) and (1985-1986) when she returned to Reading. #2113 in Reading Freight Scheme (1946-1956) and undecorated, soon to be 2128. Next we see the Wye Track and where a branch line will brake off from the one leg of the Wye. Then we go across the bridge and down the connecting track to the main layout. If there are any questions please leave a comment!! So sit back and enjoy the music and the photos from my HO Scale Layout. Please rate comment and enjoy!! The music in this video is from Sunday River Productions Video Rambling On the Reading which i have

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