My Ho Scale trains are not working.?

Question by Jeff T: My Ho Scale trains are not working.?
I have a couple of HO scale trains that have not been ran since the late 90’s.I have just bought the ez track train track system.I have tried 4 of my trains on it and only one works.What can I do to get them running again?? Do I need to get them repaired or get new ones?

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Answer by Steven D
The might need to be serviced. You can gently take them apart and lightly oil them. If you’re not sure how to do it check with the local hobby shop or model railroad club. You can take two wires from the transformer and touch them to the opposite side wheels and see if they will run with that option. Some times it takes a direct jolt to get the motor turning again.The wheels could be dirty lightly scuff them with an emery board and clean off the oxidization making a better connection to the tracks. Welcome back to the hobby! Here’s a link to what’s new:

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