My dogs will not shut up please help me i am going crazy!!!!!?

Question by : My dogs will not shut up please help me i am going crazy!!!!!?
OK, i have a lab/chow mix dog(onyx). he lives with me and he is very calm. we have had him for almost 5 years. My aunt has a rottweiler(bentley) who is pretty big but isn’t mean or aggressive. he is just always playful and is distracted easily. he is about the same age. my aunt travels a lot and she leaves Bentley with us. ONyx and bentley know eachother and are used to eachother becaus ebentley is here often. the kitchen and living room are next to eachother and we always put a gate up and leave bentley in the kitchen and onyx in the living room. onyx likes to pick with him by going up to someone and have them pet him, or play with a toy, or sit in front of the cage and eat a treat. can i make him stop this? and every single teeny tiny move onyx makes, makes bentley go crazy. if onyx blinks or lifts his head, than bentley starts jumping, growling, running around in circles, and he barks so loud i feel like i am gonna go deaf. this happens every time we are here. and even if he can’t see onyx, he is constantly whining and this is VERY annoying… how can i make him shut up and onyx stop picking. since they aren’t puppies anymore i can’t really “train” them the same as i would if they were younger. please please help me he is here for a week and my aunt goes outta town a LOT.
Ok, some of you said to take them on walks but i am 12 and not allowed to go unless i am with an adult : ( and i tried to walk just onyx when i was with my dad and he pulled me along the whole track! and since bentley is a lot bigger and heavier, i don’t even wanna know what would happen!! i can’t leave them together because like i said, bentley is VERY playful and gets overexcited easily and my dog is calm so he will lay down and bentley will come and jump on him and try and bite his ear off…or onyx usually just goes up and humps him….so i don’t think that will work…
and also, some of you said to tell her to find another dog sitter, bentley is a dog of his own and another dog sitter couldn’t handle him. and it costs money and my aunt wouldn’t trust anyone. and i pay more attention than anyone else in my family. i play with onyx for a while and then i go play with bentley and i switch on and off for like 3 hours. or if they are in separate rooms i just play with them both alot or something..
and….. if i give them a treat at the same time, onyx saves his and just sits next to it, and bentley nearly swallows it whole. after he sees that bentley is gone, he goes and sits in front of him and eats his slowly…

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Get off the computer and take both dogs for a good long walk to tire them out. Tired dogs are quiet dogs.
Problem solved.

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