My dog keeps running through my electric fence?

Question by Dani T: My dog keeps running through my electric fence?
I have two dogs.
A shi’tzu who is 5 years old.
Also a morky (maltese yorky)
Yesterday the morky ran through our electric fence. Of course we found him soon after. Then agian today he ran through the electric fence agian.

How do i get him to stop?

Extra info….
-Both dogs are fixed.
-We checked and the collars work.

Best answer:

Answer by walking lady RIP Tom
Did you do any training first? If you did and that’s not the problem, you’re not going to fix this. Lots of dogs are more than willing to take the shock to leave. They won’t come back, but they definitely will leave.

These fences also won’t stop other dogs from coming in to fight with your dogs.

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