My cat is driving me crazy and I’m ready to give him up. Is this bad?

Question by SlyGsc: My cat is driving me crazy and I’m ready to give him up. Is this bad?
I have had my male cat for a little over 2 yrs now and life has not been how I imagined it after adopting him as a kitten.

His (ongoing) flaws:
– He can be very aggressive – you can play w/him only so long before he attacks you viciously
– He will knock anything in his way on the floor for no reason
– He’ll chew anything of personal value to me(he has lots of toys)
– He drools and “digs” on you persistently
– He doesn’t like to be held
– He doesn’t believe in “training”
– He is not affectionate at all (see number 4)

Latest flaws:
– I got him a friend and he plays too rough w/him
– He’s been screaming at the top of his lungs from anywhere from 5am – 6am.

– He’s beautiful
– He makes for a lot of good stories

I’ve had cats since I was 6 and have never had a cat quite like him. I’ve tried just about everything and it kills me to think about having to return him to the shelter after 2yrs. What makes things worse, I love the new cat and he is exactly what I want in a cat.
Some people are so rude…

To those of you who aren’t:
He is neutered and I did get him from a no kill shelter with the promise that I had to return him there if I gave him up. I got him when he was 2 months and I do think that he was pulled from his mom too soon as he still “kneads” into me. His friend is a boy cat that is about 16 months old.

I took all the right steps in training him; squirt bottle, isolation, positive reinforcement with snacks, etc. I just don’t know what else to do. I tried to wait until he grew up from a kitten, but here it is 2 yrs later and he is very much the same. As far as playing with him…he plays for about 10 mins, then looks at me with a bored look from across the room.

I take VERY good care of my cat, I always have. I just am running out of ideas…and I think the situation is stressing us both out.

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Answer by HoHosareSICK
Get him neutered if he hasn’t been… it calms males down a lot.

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