MTH “RailKing” Burlington Zephyr

MTH “RailKing” Burlington Zephyr
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Image by contemplative imaging
This is my MTH "RailKing" Zephyr that runs on my Department 56 Christmas display railroad. This is a "toy" version of the Zephyr, not a scale model, but it works well on the 31" diameter curves of my display! In the backgroud are various Department 56 buildings and accessories.

This photo was taken as a test of my new Olympus E-510 DSLR. The exposure was twenty SECONDS at f22 and 100 ISO; no noise filter. The standard Olympus 14-42mm zoom kit lens was used, which gives great performance. The picture was taken at night using whatever light happened to be in the room, which was mostly the tree and the lights of the display.

A small bit of post-processing was done with Adobe Lightroom, mainly to "cool" the picture, as all those little lights burn orange, not white. (The white balnce was set properly, but the image sitll needed a bit of help.) An unexpected benefit was the "twinkling" lights of the Christmas tree in the backgroud, no filter or special effect, it’s just what the camera picked up.

Best viewed LARGE.

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