Mountain Railroading in HO Scale

The basement of the Zamostny residence has always been thriving with model trains, and although scales have changed throughout the years, the creations have never ceased to amuse and amaze visitors and family, as well as the creators; my father and I. Nowadays, we have an HO Scale layout taking up our basement quarters, with a double-track mainline running up and down the mountain grades, rock cuts and foothill industries, as well as a single-track mainline running around the perimeter of the room, passing through tunnels and winding its way alongside the gradients. To give you a more mountainous and rugged feel for the layout, some more extreme angles were put into use to exploit the true power and beauty of the mainline run. With UP being a theme for this video, you’ll follow a heavy manifest led by an SP C44-9W and an SP SD40T-2 and a swift intermodal with a UP AC44CCTE and a pair of CNW C44-9W’s up and down the mountain grades, battling the uphill drag and working to stay in control while descending the gradients. Enjoy the action!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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