Morse Code Straight Key J-38

Morse Code Straight Key J-38
lionel trains
Image by Whiskeygonebad
This J-38, manufactured by LIONEL TRAIN Co during the common factory "repurposing" of WW2. It was in very, very sorry looking condition before restoration but all the parts were there, most importantly. Restored using dental lab equipment at work. Iron & Brass ultrasonically cleaned and high polished. Iron pits rubber-wheeled first. Metal Center Hub sand blasted and painted semi-gloss black. All metal/brass varnished with q-tip applicator. Bakelite was water and compound ragwheel polished on denture polishing machine Under key: Two-decade-old 13th editon of the Radio Amateur’s World Atlas. WW2 pilots used an upper leg clip on version to send morse code while flying. And you have trouble driving with your cell phone.
Minolta D500 flash and incandescent available light mix @ 1/20sec.
J-38 parts listing:….

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