Model Trains Slow Motion Beauty

Model railways can look awesome if you shoot them with high speed video cameras. I used the Casio EXFH100 set at 120fps. If there is high detail in a railway display shooting in slow motion can transform the miniature world into almost real. This video features some displays from St Luke’s Anglican Church at their 25th annual model train exhibition. It is a church with a Christian fellowship who also love trains. 00:57 Legeauxland ( Lego Scale ) Theme park featuring LEGO from the 1960’s to now. Features infra-red remote controlled trains and interactive amusement park. 01:08 Coffee Anyone ( N Scale Bavarian ) This miniature layout is built into a glassed topped coffee table. The theme is a resort in the Bavarian Alps. The rolling stock is a mix of Fleischmann and Roco. Certainly a stunning way to exhibit a model railway as a feature piece in a home. 01:14 Defty ( OO / HO Guage ) This is a shared layout St Luke’s Model Railway Club use. Designed to gibe members an opportunity to run trains too large for their home layouts. The focus of this year is late 1950’s to early 1960’s during the steam to diesel transition era. 01:47 Rosemount Tramway ( HO Scale ) Inspired by Bendigo tramways this is a fictional modern day tourist tramway set somewhere in Australia. It features a functional overhead wire system. 01:58 Green Acres ( N Scale ) I think ! A layout designed to fit into a old TV, perfect for those who don’t have the space for a traditional larger

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