Model Train value help!?

Question by bassdoorcounty: Model Train value help!?
I have a 1947 Marks O gauge electric train set, that is in the original box. (although the box has been opened and the train played with) It is in very good condition, and I would like to know how much it would be worth. I am not sure if marks is spelled right as it is a relative of mine that owns the train they just want me to find its value. The train is from 1947 and has the train set and track and all. I was told at the tim eit was bought in 1947 that marks was not a top brand as lionel is. Please if you could help me out I would appreciate it. I was unable to find anything on the train.

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Answer by Cyrano64
They are called Marx and while not as well known as Lionel – they were their main competition for many years…

I have a number of sites here that can help you to identify the EXACT train you have— just naming the year does not help much

This is a complete guide to everything you would need to know for toy trains

I believe that last link will help you more than anything else I could find… if not – let me know


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