Model train not working, need help.?

Question by naillady118: Model train not working, need help.?
My son has an HO model train he got from is dad a long time ago. He hs power from the track and prower from the train itself. But when he puts them together to try to run it, it will not work. Anyone know why it might not work? Thanks

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Answer by Mike M.
There could be several reasons as to why your son is having this problem with his model train. One thing he needs to do is make sure the wires from the track are properly connected to the correct terminals on his power-pack, sometimes referred to as a “transformer”. They need to be connected to the DC terminals and not the AC ones, that could be the primary cause of his situation.Also, what sort of track does he have? If he has brass rail track he should replace it with nickel silver rail track as that can be cleaned more easily and doesn’t corrode like brass rail would. One more thing I’d like to suggest is that your son have his locomotive properly cleaned and lubricated, if he needs help with that then I suggest he go to your local hobby shop and talk to anyone there who has experience in the model railroading hobby. Good Luck.

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