Model Train Maker / Modeltreinbouwer #02

TVGreen’s Time Machine presents “The Model Train Maker” from the series “Claim to Fame” When these issues are settled, the model technical drawings are made. The drawings are converted into a thin sheet of brass by means of a photographic process. And than it is time to see if all components behave. The undercarriage fits and runs like a Swiss watch. The wheel mechanism gives the train its smooth running qualities. The wheels are made in Japan. Only there they can supply top-quality wheels. Philotrain assembles them. The way the train runs is of the essence for model train enthusiasts. It is that quiet, low speed movement and sonorous hum that impresses them. Model train enthusisats use various model train scales, from large to small, smaller, or smallest. Or to put it differently: Gauge Zero, Gauge 1, Gauge Half Zero, or normal gauge, and there are even more than that, but Philip restricts himself to one large and one small model. webcasted by: © broadcast footage Music title: Hand Balance Redux BY Kevin MacLeod ( licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0” ©
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