model railroading internet burnout?

Question by MarkInLA: model railroading internet burnout?
Anyone into model RR incurring this ?.. Used to be you’d wait for newest MRer or RRModel Craftstman magazine to appear on the shelves. This would hold your modeling interests for a month and then pass on or buy newest one. Now ,having visited a seemingly endless amount of pics,videos,stories,layouts, how-tos, of scores of fellow RRers ,I seem to have lost interest. The net train-forums have virtually burned me out..Maybe ceasing visits to these forums will (oddly) help..U2?

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Answer by Samurai Hoghead
Back away for a bit. Or, actually work on the models. Don’t get hung up on one aspect. Rolling stock one day, scenery on another, track work for a day, etc.

Just change the pace.

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