Model Railroad Roundhouse/turntable Q?

Question by earlthetrucker: Model Railroad Roundhouse/turntable Q?
This is probably a really stupid but im reseting up my ho scale trains and want to add a roundhuse and turtable so i dont have to keep taking them of the track to switch engines. My questions is that are the tracks on the turntabel and in the roundhouse electrified and if they are how? Or are they only if u have track on both sides?
like how would this elctrify? ——- ( / ) <======== with the dashes the siding the backslash the turntable and the equal sign the roundhouse. Hope this wasn't to confusing thanks! =) I was going to use the Atlas manual turntable. I currently have the Power-Loc track but the connections are weak and there isnt very many expansions for it so im am probably going to switch to the Atlas 100 track through Best answer:

Answer by Nigel M
It depends on how you wire it, and the wiring provided with the turntable. What brand of TT do you have?

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