model railroad question: what does this mean?

Question by Shadow: model railroad question: what does this mean?
im currently looking for people figures and equipment like band saws, drill press, ect. and in one of my search result, i have some items with “A scale” show up.

Does that mean any scale or is that a new scale?
I’m only operating HO scale and i was looking for certain figures that i could add to my custom locomotive/machine shop.

I was looking thru a search result and some of the items that came up had an “A” in the scale box.

here’s an example:

look at the scale column and hopefully you we will understand what i am talking about

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Answer by glenagalt
I’ve never heard of “A” scale but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I suspect, though, that the term is used in the catalogue to refer to items that aren’t actually models at all but tools and other supplies used to make them. Your link leads to a 3″ lathe which is not a model but a real tool. You wouldn’t place it on your layout but on your workbench and use it to make models. Until you mount it on a loco or car, a wheel is just a wheel. Turn a 24mm diameter wheel on it and in HO it would be 7′ diameter, but in my own scale of 16mm;1′ it would represent a mere 18″. You could use such a beast for anything between Z gauge and Gauge 3- though I wouldn’t fancy trying to turn iron castings for live steamers on such a small machine.

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