model railroad idea: good or bad?

Question by Shadow: model railroad idea: good or bad?
im planning on building my own freelance fictional railway and city and I have created my own system of codes. I plan on having either 4 or 9 locomotives. here’s my idea:

each locomotive will be numbered in single digits and will have cars assigned just to that locomotive.


BR!, diesel, assigned to the main line with option of using branch line.
cars number 0001-0020

I’m using that, but i was wondering if any of you like that idea.
this is for model railroad only NOT reality.

Best answer:

Answer by dieterzakas
It’s workable IF you’re talking about passenger cars ONLY.

However, it doesn’t work that way in real life, especially with freight cars.

There are many reasons why certain engines are assigned to specific lines, especially in the past. In the most common cases, lighter engines were assigned to branch lines because of the historically lighter rail in use.

Electric locomotives are a no-brainer.

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