Model railroad experts-Pulling freight question?

Question by Shadow: Model railroad experts-Pulling freight question?
I have been watching model HO scale videos and in some of them the modelers double head or triple head their trains. my questions to make my freight train seem realistic since im going for a freelance but realistic look, how many freights do i need to have a double head or triple head?
how many helpers locomotive(S) do i add onto a train?

ex. If i had a diesel pull 30 cars, how many helpers do i put on?

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Answer by AJ Gonfiantini
I think you mean locomotives. I have a model railroad and my locomotive can pull 20 loaded cars alone and still go on high speed. I load 6 grain hoppers with wet sand and my loco still does fine. So if I were you I’d go with 2-3 locomotives for any trains bigger than 30-40 cars.

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