model railroad conventional wiring and electric dimmer switches?

Question by chinatrain99: model railroad conventional wiring and electric dimmer switches?
I have an O scale layout and using conventional wiring. I have a section of track that is “blocked” and current is controlled to this section using a regular house switch. I would like to divide sections of track and run them at different speeds using the same transformer. Since I got by using a regular house switch to control power, why could’nt I use a dimmer switch to direct the amount of power on particular sections of track. This way, I can run more independently without having transformers everywhere. Anyone else done this?

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Answer by Wdlane
For some reason unknown to me house dimmer switches do not have the same effect on controlling the speed of motors as it does to dim light bulbs. You are going off in the wrong direction.

Almost ALL serious model railroaders are using DCC now. The track power is constant and live at all times. DCC is significantly easier then to have to wire many block sections. Decoders in each loco give you complete independent control without having to worry about block controls. Check out NCE DCC. They have everything to get you started.

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