Model Railroad and Metra?

Question by Shadow: Model Railroad and Metra?
I used to ride the metra from university park to the end of the orange line. the first car, the engineer car, looked like the rest of the train and when I got into model railroading i was wondering if anyone knows if there’s a model railroad locomotive like this:

Or couldI install a DCC clip in a passenger car and use that like a locomotive?

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Answer by AJ Gonfiantini
I’ve looked around, I’m not 100% sure on this, but I’m almost 95% sure that there aren’t any locomotives that are cars. If I were you, don’t always think walthers is the only one, try yahoo searches or google and you might find a METX passenger car/locomotive. I would imagine if you had proper training in electronics you could put a horn like all other passenger cars on Metra do.

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