Model of vehicle used by railroads for high railers.?

Question by kc8rbk: Model of vehicle used by railroads for high railers.?
I am trying to find out what kind of vehicle railroads used for a high railer. The particular model I’m looking for has the cab of an ice cream truck and a very shallow box with tool compartments along the side. There used to be one on the Tuscola Saginaw Bay Railway in Clare, Mi and one at the Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum in Parish, Fl during the early 90’s. Also let me know if anyone have seen any for sale east of the Mississippi River. With or without the high rail gear and in repairable shape, I am looking for it as a restoration project. Thanks for your time.

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Answer by Rango
It almost sounds like some of the old high railers our roadmasters had for awhile on the Milwaukee.
they were the Dodge vans that had a van type mid engine cab with a flatbed behind.
not sure what they were called, odd looking little rigs though.

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