Matty’s Train.AVI

After close to 500 hours of hanging 3/4″ oak plywood for roadbed in four rooms not shown in this video, building bridges and the 28 foot long steel and aluminum custom trestle / hangar system that goes through my living room and kitchen, The 112 foot “G” scale RAB is live now, all was completely scratch-built by me. That’s an MTH Dash-8 pulling some Aristocraft streamlined extruded aluminum passenger cars along track #1. I still have a spur track with a reversing track circuit to install on the wooden bridge side, Which will allow me to create the illusion of a track #2. The double wooden bridge is custom-built by me and is nearly six feet long and the entire span is over fifteen feet and supported by four 1/4″ threaded rods. Those are safety awards I got from the Indiana Harbor Belt RR. I work as a Signal Maintainer there. Matty is my one year old female English Mastiff… Still quite destructive, So she stays in the kitchen. Lol…
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