Lurbicating Lionel Trains?

Question by George R: Lurbicating Lionel Trains?
I got out my old Lionel trains from when I was a kid a couple months ago, and I’ve been at work on restoring them. I’ve just basically finished, now all I need to do is lubricate the motors and gears.
Is there any certain lubricant I’m supposed to use? I know that Lionel makes lubricant, but all of the local hobby shops are out, and I’m not too fond of ordering online (identity theft, etc.).

If it’s any help, these are the trains that I have (all from the “Postwar” era):
671 (6-8-6 Steam Engine) from 1948
2026 (2-6-4 Steam Engine) from 1953
2056 (4-6-4 Steam Engine) from 1952
6110 (2-4-2 Steam Engine) from 1950
2344 (ABA F3 Diesel Units) from 1952.

Thanks to anyone that can help me out!

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Answer by Dan the brick man
a sewing machine oil should be thin enough and still lubricate…

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