Loxx model railway, Berlin

Deutsch: siehe unten. English: A clip on the Loxx model railway exhibition in Berlin. Scenes: 0:00 Loxx is on the third floor of shopping mall Alexa. This scene shows Alexa from outside. It is near Alexanderplatz and the Berlin TV tower. Two S-Bahn trains are passing. 0:36 A sample model railway at the entrance. 0:45 A building with a ticker message: “Welcome to Loxx at Alexanderplatz!” 1:06 Pan across the model railway. 1:37 Pan across an extension area representing the government quarter which is under construction. 2:01 Some examples of the extension area: Brandenburg Gate at night. 2:08 Bellevue Castle, seat of the German President. 2:16 Chancellor’s Office. 2:23 Reichstag. 2:30 An InterCity train runs through Zoo railway station. 3:06 Zoo Palace theater with an ad for a Star Trek movie. 3:15 Dinosaur Park. 3:23 Panning with an old InterCity train. 3:52 Alexa model. 4:19 Tram loop around a miniature golf area. 4:54 A suburb with an Aldi branch and an Uerdingen railbus passing by. 5:06 An ICE leaving a tunnel. 5:21 Hill country: two trains crossing a bridge near a village and a windmill. 5:52 A castle. 6:00 Police is guarding a tunnel entrance where an accident has occurred. 6:09 Night mining. 6:19 A cemetery with a ghost party at dawn. 6:47 The Trias building with an ICE and an S-Bahn. 7:13 At the power station. 7:24 Train traffic at Grünau interchange. 8:06 Inside the staging yard. 8:42 At the airport. 8:51 A Hapag-Lloyd plane takes off. Deutsch: Ein Clip über die
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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