Looking to get CDL, Have a few questions about HazMat, and other things, please give your input on this?

Question by brambo: Looking to get CDL, Have a few questions about HazMat, and other things, please give your input on this?
I am looking to get my CDL, trucking has been something I been around basically all my life, and now I wanna work, and have my CDL license as well,

“””””””””””””PLEASE keep reading as I am gonna type quite a bit to try my best so that you can best understand what I am trying to say here””””””””””””””””

But here’s the thing, I have not graduated high school, and I don’t know if I could pass the Hazmat Endorsement test,

First off, please don’t jump to conclusions here, just because I did not finish high school doesn’t mean I am a retard.

Secondly, I don’t really wanna haul dangerous cargo in the first place.

Will this effect me at all in getting my CDL?

Also, I would like to find out, If I go to a qualified CDL training school, or to a major trucking company that has their own school, and I ALREADY have a CDL permit, does that make things go any faster?

Basically, Can I or can’t I go to school if I already have a CDL Class A permit from the state I live in, do they skip a lot of things if I already have it, or is there still a lot of classroom work?

Do I have to do much more paper work after that, or is it mostly hands on type of things?

Believe me I know and understand there is quite a bit of paper work involved in the trucking industry, and I intend on learning about all of that when I chose a good school to achieve my CDL.

I been asking friends, family, and watching things here online about what your require to remember and do to past your CDL road test and such, it seems like a lot, but I believe if I try my best I can do it without a problem.

Basically what I could use here is a answer from someone who has a CDL and went either through a qualified CDL school somewhere, or went to a company and trained through them….Cause I think they could best understand what I am trying to ask here…

What really would be the simplest and quickest way to go about getting my CDL?

Do many companies require that you have a G.E.D. or High School Diploma? Or a Hazmat endorsement?
Or are these just things recommended but not required? (etc I would get less freight to haul because of not having this endorsement?)

Please be real and thoughtful in your answer to my question..I am just a simple guy who has been around trucks basically since I was old enough to know what a truck is…And one way or another I am gonna be getting my CDL soon..

Just looking for some advice on how I should go about it, and given my history and certain things I typed above that I don’t have, will these things hold me back totally? or hold me back from getting the “quote good jobs?”

ALSO, This Would Help Very Greatly If Someone Could Explain What I Typed Below To Me..

If there is someone on here who could sorta break down to me what I would have to go about doing everyday from when I wake up until I go to sleep, when I have my license and drive over the road….

Like a example days work, what paper work is involved? When and how often do I have to send messages to the company dispatcher? What needs to be included in a trip packet, (I believe they are sent at the end of each week if I am correct?)

Is it quite easy to get Logbook violations out on the road, if my Logbook isn’t perfect enough for a DOT officer?

“If there is a backup when waiting in line for a scale on the highway, and I am sitting 20-30 minutes, I mark it as on duty driving, but do I flag it in my remarks? Little things like this is whats really bugging me…

In a log book, If I write down my trailer and tractor number for the start of the day, and later in that day, for example I switch out trailers with another driver, what do I do? Start another page in my Logbook ? If my truck for instance breaks down, I am on the side of the road for several hours, which line do I mark it under in my Logbook? And what do I write below (if DOT wants to know what I did during that time for example) Sorry If I seem like I am going a bit over board here, I just wanna create the best question, to try and receive some good input on my situation and my questions…

There’s just some things I can’t seem to find the answers for so that’s why I am looking for help here…

Best answer receives 5 stars from me.

Thank you all..And if you would like to ask me something, say it in your question, and I will reply to you by adding Additional Details to this question. Or you can e-mail me by checking my profile…Any information is most helpful…

Hope everyone had a good Holiday, and New Year!

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Answer by TIMOTHY F
you did the first step right having a permit .second step is what do you want to hull lumber or steel ?if you want to hull for a company most times they like you to have a haz-mat indorsement.school on the other hand like truck driving is alot faster and they put you to work after you graduate.most trucking companys like you to have a ged.it’s not as hard as you mite think or what you here.i know because i just got my CDL and i’m on the road and i hull lumber and steel so i didn’t need a haz-mat indorsement for what i hull.

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