Looking into Lionel train sets…?

Question by Lubers25: Looking into Lionel train sets…?
Growing up, my family had an old, old set of Lionel Trains and one of my favorite things Christmas morning was waking up to find out that Santa had setup the trains along with the tree and presents. I am looking to do the same thing for my son but I am starting from scratch as my parents still have and use the set I grew up with. I know very little outside of assembly. My search results have come up with plenty of options which leaves me with a few questions.

1) Is Lionel still a quality product?
2) Would any of the other options out there be a better choice?
3) Do I want to go with O guage, O-27, Fast-Track or something else?

I am looking for a set that will last as well as something I can build on if my son continues his interest in trains. I would appreciate any input anyone has on the subject.

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Answer by Kimmy (QOP)
Ok Lubers , One of my best friends is a train buff. She says Lionel is still quality. Though nothing really compares to the older models . They are still the king when it comes to trains .The O gauge is the true standard according to her . They are all buildable . If you have the room to do it and the know how . Good luck with that . I can always ak her more if you have any other questions

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