Looking for a source for lionel G scale.?

Question by Fatefinger: Looking for a source for lionel G scale.?
Lionel stopped making G scale trains and I want to get some stuff but can’t find it. Now I’m speaking of lionel large scale where its a 52″ circle if the tracks are setup that way where the current runs through the tracks and uses a transformer. I want to get a couple cars, a large deisel engine and some more track.

Where online could I get the older G scale stuff. Because Ebay is useless and every online hobby store wants you to pay through the nose.
I’ve had these since I was 2. I pulled them out from mothball after a decade but I wan’t it bigger. All of it still works but the transformer need to be serviced. It is over 20 years old.

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Answer by Ben H
You’re pretty much out of luck on Lionel G-scale, unless you’re lucky and find some old stock on the shelves of a store. It’s been almost 15 years since there was any made.

You’re not out of luck on G-scale in general, though. Bachmann, Aristocraft, Accucraft and LGB all make trains that are compatible. Charles Ro in Massachusetts also has their own line called USA Trains. They all run on the same size track, and will be compatible with your Lionels..

Rather than repairing your transformer, I’d suggest looking into an upgrade. The ones that come with sets generally aren’t too good to begin with, and if you want to expand, you’ll hit the limit pretty fast.

I’d suggest trying Charles Ro or Trainworld. Charles Ro, especially, has what are, in general, the best prices you’re going to find on trains anywhere.

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