Looking for a phrase for my resume to describe my period of modeling?

Question by layhoma2004: Looking for a phrase for my resume to describe my period of modeling?
When you have a behind desk job in a firm, you can write about it on your next resume for job hunting. But let’s say I have been a model for several years and wanted to apply for a white collar job. My years of experiences as a model can be described as ” on the job training ” or ” PR- like work”. What is the best description I can use to write on my resume in applying for a business job. A short and brief phrase.

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Answer by Sparklesparkle88
Just so you cant get caught out I’d probably put –

List of duties: liaising with other agencies, co-workers and companies in order to maintain interest and professional relationships. Organisation of product portfolio. Researching companies and company representation. Etc.”

Maybe not an answer you were looking for and you could tweak it to suit you but it’s better to be honest rather than caught out and blurting out “I was just a model!” at an interview if they ask you what sort of PR you did.
Also something like this will lead their questions for you – “give us an example of your portfolio organising?”
Response: “After researching the company I was hired for, it was both the photographers choice as well as my own to decide which pictures were a) suited to the client and b) would encourage more work at a later stage.”

To be honest, as long as you tell them you want experience in a more practical and permanent line of work and can explain why then they probably won’t pay much attention to past roles unless it’s a highly qualified and/or demanding role.

Best of luck.

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