locomotive and cars numbering?

Question by Shadow: locomotive and cars numbering?
i am filling out a form for a custom-made locomotive (with more being made in the future) and I have a few questions? The purpose of me asking is because I am planning my future model railroad and I love model and actual trains.

What is a road number and please provide an example?

Does a locomotive number have to start in the 100000 or can it start anywhere?

what is a road name or is that the name of the company that owns or made the locomotive?

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Answer by Andy
The road name is the name of the railroad operating the locomotive.Such as UP or BNSF etc.All railroads use different numbering for different models of engines but they are almost always 3 or 4 digit numbers.So in your case what you would want to do is this..whatever engine your ordering(for example a GE C44ac owned by the Union Pacific) google in the engine type and railroad to get an idea of what numbers they use.Here’s a list for the Union Pacific http://utahrails.net/all-time/modern-index.php There should be other lists for other railroads as well on the the net.

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