Lionel Union Pacific FEF

Here is a video of a Lionel Electric Trains Union Pacific FEF-3 #844 steam locomotive. Lionel did an excellent job with this locomotive and it operates as well as it both looks and sounds. Words really can’t describe how nice this locomotive is without seeing and hearing it in person. It really is a very beautiful locomotive. This locomotive features Legacy, Railsounds, an electro coupler on the rear of the tender, a fan driven smoke unit, a wireless tether, and Odyssey speed control. The train is made up of reefer cars from Atlas O, Lionel, MTH Electric Trains, and Weaver Models. Behind the reefer cars are two Lionel 40 foot flat cars with Allis Chalmers construction equipment. The first flat car has a model 45 motor grader and the second is carrying a model TS-300 motor scraper. Both of those models were made for the National Toy Truck’n and Construction toy show that Toy Trucker and Contractor magazine has each year in Indianapolis. Following the flat cars are three Lionel tank cars and behind them is a K-Line boxcar. And bringing up the rear is a Lionel Union Pacific Ca-4 caboose. The train is being operated with Lionel Legacy. The track is K-Line tubular with O-96 radius curves. The 844 was the last of 45 4-8-4 northern type steam locomotives the Union Pacific owned. The name FEF came from the wheel arrangement of these locomotives, Four Eight Four. All 45 FEFs were built by the American Locomotive Company, otherwise known as ALCo. The first 20 locomotives, #800-819

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