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Lionel Train Repair Guides Review – How To Repair and Restore Antique Lionel Trains

Being an avid Lionel Enthusiast for several years, as you can imagine, has added up to a vast collection of these trains. A number of the replicas go back a good many years. I it is fair to state the single annoyance with this hobby, was always the scarcity of suitable information about the locomotives themselves, that is available. I’m not talking about the Heritage for the individual trains, merely to the renovation along with fixing of the many parts.

For years I’ve invariably needed to find a good Lionel specialist to undertake the specialized job of lionel train repair for me. Sadly you’ll find fewer and fewer dependable repairmen about, plus they are getting trickier to find, let alone the charge that’s involved. After owning a rather prized piece of my Lionel collection in need of restoration, from desperation I set out searching the web for almost any advice attainable. That’s when I recently found the “Lionel Train Repair Service & Operational Manual CD”. I’d not come upon this previously and with reservations I set about reviewing it a little closer.

What I love About Lionel Train Repair & Restoration:

Through the years I’d discovered a number of directions together with guides regarding the repairs however they were continually incomplete. They’d supply the very principles and yet there just never appeared to be enough to finish the task I wanted to do. One thing within this advertisement which impressed me personally was, the fact that it was the exact same one most of the specialists are using. lionel train repair people I was telling you about which can be hard to find.

Second of all, it covered the time periods from 1902-1986. This covered my entire collection. The true advantage was, it was all on two Compact disks. Not a individual arrangement for each year that could have finished up getting extremely costly. One more extra was this came with Parts and also Accessories guides as well.

Thirdly, I enjoy the fact that additionally, it supplies vintage classic catalogs. I’m a collector and I would certainly love to print these out for my collection.

There actually wasn’t anything at all which was omitted that i would want. I had been seriously impressed with the completeness of just what The Lionel Train Repair Manuals are providing.

Just what I Did not Like About Lional Train Repair & Restoration:

The general information within the advertisement hasn’t been over done. It described what was being provided. I was a little concerned about the couple of spelling errors which were present in the content of the ad. Could this too possibly be reflected within the guides, damaging their accuracy and reliability? Then I recognized that it was most improbable that the creators of the manual had written their own adverts. So I decided not to give it further thought.


After reading everything the Lionel train repair Manuals had to offer I was positive that I wanted to buy them. It’s a outstanding investment and a tiny price to pay so that you can learn how to repair and also restore my own model trains.

Get your own personal exclusive lionel train repair course with over 2000 pages and illustrations. Download absolutely free vintage catalogs from 1902-1986.
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