Lionel train set help from 1961?

Question by ILuhhhhchooo: Lionel train set help from 1961?
I found my dads Post War Era Lionel Train Set in a closet. There is:
-“Exploding Elxplosives Box Car” No. 6480. Red/Gloss, which is option B i guess
-“IRBM Launcher Car” w/ Black 6511-2 Mold Base, Blue thing on top of that and then the actual launcher is black.
-“Work Caboose” Yellow, was one of the unassigned ones so there is no number, on a black base. Set no. 19142-502
-An “ALCO Union Pacific Diesel Engine” witha headlight and I dont see a battery pack, but there is a copper coil under the rear wheels.

All from 1961. There is no rust, and everything seems to be intact although I cannot get the explosives car to keep the walls up. There are 2 old white wires in the box but im not sure if I should hook it up. That leads me to my main question: Should I use the transformer it came with (Type 1026 25 Watt) to hook up the trains? There is no track, and I believe it is an O gauge. I cannot ask my dad about it, because Im going to put it around the base of our tree as an early surprise/present because this was his favorite memory as a child.

Any suggestions? Thanks!!!!!!!

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Answer by dc911ds19

This is Lionel’s official website. Contact them, they may have the original instruction books. Visit your local hobby store. Need to find one? Try:

They will be able to help you and get you track to put under the tree. Even if you don’t get it running for Christmas I’m sure he will be pleased with the thought and effort you put forth to make his special memory come alive again. Good luck and Merry Christmas.

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