Lionel model railroad- Anything wrong here? history, science, transportation.?

Question by Huh?: Lionel model railroad- Anything wrong here? history, science, transportation.?
Look at this Lionel item, and tell me if there is anything obviously and critically wrong with it.

Also, what might the welders be working on?

I’ll post my reasons after a few responses.

BTW. I’m asking in this category because there is no decent category for model railroading, and readers here seem to have good general knowledge.
BriaR has given all good answers, the way I saw it. However, I went back and enlarged the image twice size, and noticed that there is some liquid pouring from the top. Evidently the coal just happened to be there. I also see two welding gas tanks. I wonder if they are disconnecting the tank to make it easier to upright it, in two sections. Maybe this diorama isn’t as bad as I first thought. Thanks.

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Answer by BriaR
Ha Ha Ha!! Good one!

1. Why are they carrying coal (or similar black granular solid) in a liquid tanker
2. The hazard triangles on the tanker plus the word “spirit” suggest a flammable liquid – so wtf is the guy doing with a welding torch?
3 If the force of the crash had been enough to rip of the top of the tank opening how come the tanker is undamaged
4 How did the coal manage to spill out in heaps higher than the outlet (assuming it could flow out at all
5 Why is the welder’s gas bottle so far from him with the pipe trailing over the tanker – why would they hump it over the spill?
6 Only 1 gas bottle – should be 2 one for the acetylene, one for the oxygen

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