Life-Like train set. Need help Pricing it?

Question by Anthony S: Life-Like train set. Need help Pricing it?
I have a Life-Like Rail Chief electric train set. I wanna say its late 80’s or early 90’s. It has a Union Pacific Locomotive a Chessie Systems Box car and Napierville Junction Car and a Union Pacific Caboose. Also a blue box that controls the speed and about 20 pieces of circle track. Also a booklet that reads “Seventh Edition Basic For Beginners” A guide to Model Railroading. On the bottom of the locomotive and the A/C box in white numbers is stamped 19589. I cannot find this set any where online. I am looking to sell it, and I understand some train sets are very expensive. This set is in Mint condition, in original box. I just dont wanna get ripped off when I sell it. thank you for your help!

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Answer by Steven D
First off why are you trying to sell it? Contact a model railroad group in your area. I’m sure they would know some deserving child who would be thrilled to receive a present from someone who isn’t into trains. I’ve given away several sets over the years. Always anonymously and always to a child who appreciates it. Life has it’s own rewards. It’s pretty much a common set.
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